real connections matter

Life is about connections.

Connections which help you to live a better life.

Connexion One was created to connect NDIS participants and their families to services provided by people who have lived and learnt experience of disability and mental health.

We help you to build connections that make a positive difference to your life.

About Us

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Did you know Connexion One is a Social Enterprise?
We employ people with lived experience of disability and mental health. Call us if you’d like to chat about jobs.

Our Process

  1. Step 1 Contact

    Our first step when you contact us is to talk with you about what you need and if we are the right fit for you. We come out and see you, to find out more about what you need. There is no service charge until you are ready to connect with us.

  2. Step 2 Connect

    We connect you with our team members who can help you with your specific needs. We talk about how we can help, and let you decide if you would like us to develop a personalised plan with you.

  3. Step 3 Communicate

    Once you are happy with the plan that we have developed together, we start to deliver the services you need. We communicate with you regularly to make sure your plan is working for you and the services provided are what you wanted.

  4. Step 4 Consider

    Together with you, we consider if the services are working for you. We review and rethink and talk with you, to ensure the services you have are what you want and need. If not, we work with you to deliver new services.